Clay Sprout Maker, 100% Natural Earthen Clay and Ecofriendly

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🌱 Fresh and healthy sprouts at home.
🌿 Sustainable lifestyle with ecofriendly design.
💧 Ideal sprouting environment with clay material.
🔄 Hassle-free sprout-making process.
🍽️ Nutrient-rich and flavorful sprouts.

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Mittify introduces Clay Sprout maker to make yout healthy snack more healthier.
Usage Guide:
1. Clay Sprout Maker
How to Use?
Soak the Pulses or Legumes for minimum 6 hours in fresh water
Drain the Seeds & Spread in Sprout Container (One with holes on bottom)
Place the Sprouts bowl above excess water collector & close the lid.
Leave it for minimum 24 hours and see the seeds are starting to sprout
For longer Sprouts leave for another 1 or 2 days.
Based on the pulses / legumes types, soaking and sprouting time may vary.
Gently wash the sprouts, if you are leaving the seeds for more days.
Sprinkle water if you feel the seeds look dried.

2. Seeds thrive happily in Clay Sprout Maker!
Sprout Maker is mainly used in moist conditions. So, the surface where the wet ingredients are added should be breathable & moisture-absorbable. Not all these features will be there in other sprout makers that are made of plastic, glass, steel or any other. This would lead to mould formation over the sprouts, pungent smell or sometimes even spoil the sprouts. Whereas the sprout makers made of clay gives the seeds the similar environment as natural soil. So the seeds thrive happily in a clay sprout maker.
Clay sprout box absorbs the excess moisture and allows fresh air to circulate within & helps to keep the sprouts fresh & nourishing.

The sprouts grown from clay sprout makers are healthier as they grow in an environment similar to moist soil, clean water and breathable surroundings. Other benefits of using Ulamart clay sprout makers are:

No chemicals added to the clay sprout bowls.
No artificial colour paints or glaze are applied.
Thick, sturdy and long lasting.
100% Handmade by our Skilled local Artisans
It is completely safe & healthy to consume the sprouts prepared using clay sprout maker.

Clay sprout maker has the water drain holes only on the base of the container bowl. This helps to avoid flies or bugs from entering the sprout maker.
Perfectly fitting Lid keeps the sprouts clean & safe from dust, flies or any bugs.
Thicker than machine made terracotta pots. So, it doesn’t cause any water leakage.
Keeps the sprouts moist & ventilated.
Sprouting in the earthenware gives the seeds a natural environment as in soil to grow and nourish.

Note : Always buy original mittify clay products for best quality and craftmanship

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    Earthen Clay Sprouts MakerClay Sprout Maker, 100% Natural Earthen Clay and Ecofriendly
    Original price was: $399.00.Current price is: $324.00.

    Availability: 20 in stock